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Meal Prep Mastery

What if you could ditch the diet & learn how to eat for life’s journey?

Don’t miss out on the early bird special for only $149 until Saturday, March 7th.

LIMITED spots available! 

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Do you have the desire to eat well but are unsure where to start?

Do you waste time and money at the grocery store coming home with no clue what to prepare? 

Do you feel overwhelmed in the kitchen and don't have the time or energy to devote to preparing healthy meals after work? 

You want to adopt a healthy lifestyle but are unsure where to begin in terms of nutrition?

Do you feel frustrated searching for "healthy" recipes and overwhelmed with the amount of information available?  

Do you find balancing your meals frustrating and confusing?

Do you feel like you have very little culinary skills but want to take ownership of how you choose to fuel your body?

It doesn't have to be this way


Time spent writing grocery lists

Tedious planning

Guessing which recipes taste best 

mastering your meal prep


Learning how to fuel your body doesn’t have to be time consuming, soul draining, or labor intensive. 

I’ve created a simple method that will empower you to create sustainable, lifelong habits so that you can feel better, move better, sleep better and perform better in the gym. 

Imagine not having to stress about what to eat or when to shop. This nutrition journey will equip you with the skills and tools to continue on your own journey for years to come.

Sign up now to join this life changing journey!

Don’t miss out on the early bird special for only $149 until Saturday, March 7th. Journey begins Monday, March 16th. 



Signup deadline is Sunday, March 15th.

The journey begins on Monday, March 16th.

“Wanted to let you know since changing my eating habits with you almost a year ago my LDL cholesterol is the lowest and my HDL cholesterol is the highest it’s ever been!”

Alana W.

Hi, I'm Christina!

I’m Christina Morris, the creator of Gypsy Fit, and my passion is to help you embark on a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself by using the foods you eat as a catalyst for change.


For the past 10 years I have been honing my craft as a health and wellness coach in the Boston area. Three years ago I started a Boston based meal prep company that specialized in crafting gluten & dairy free meals balanced in lean protein, nutrient dense carbs, & healthy fats. I myself have been using meal prep principles for years to maintain a healthy diet, save money, and more importantly save time so that I can pursue the things that set my soul on fire.

Asset 1_2x.png

I created the "Nutrition Journey: Meal Prep Mastery" to empower you to make better decisions around the food you choose to fuel your body by teaching you how to bulk meal prep for the week. I provide you with the grocery lists, meal plans and recipes in addition to invaluable educational content. My goal for the “grocery gang” is to get you into a meal prep routine that’s flexible and sustainable as opposed to restrictive and challenging. I have personally tested all the gluten & dairy free recipes in this program and can guarantee that you will not only love them but that they will become a rotation in your weekly prep long after the Nutrition Journey ends.

“Thank you so much for the kick ass nutrition journey! I’m officially down a pant size and I have muscles again.”

Jacob F.

During your 6-week nutrition journey you will

Feel empowered to make better decisions around the food you choose

Learn how to bulk meal prep for the week

Be equipped with my foolproof meal prep grocery lists

Receive delicious and healthy weekly meal plans

Add new easy and nutrient-dense recipes to your arsenal

Gain invaluable educational content via our weekly videos and FB lives

Learn to create a meal prep routine that’s flexible and sustainable for years to come

Sign up now to join my

"meal prep mastery" 

6 week Nutrition Journey!

Don’t miss out on the early bird special for only $149 until Saturday, March 7th. 



Signup deadline is Sunday, March 15th.

The journey begins on Monday, March 16th.

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  • Weekly Meal Prep Videos

  • 6 Weeks of Meal Plans (for bulk meal prepping)

  • Grocery Lists to accommodate weekly plans

  • Vegetarian and Traditional Plans Available

  • List of "Meal Prep Basics" 

  • Learn how to balance meals using the #Fit4 Method

  • 6 Weeks of Gluten & Dairy Free Recipes

  • Pantry Purge & Stock List

  • List of protein-packed snacks to choose from

  • Learn how to read product labels

  • Bonus Recipes for healthy snacks & "treats" 

  • Facebook Live Meal Prep Chat

  • Weekly Meal Mapping Printable

  • List of Meal Prep Appliance Essentials 

  • Weekly Nutritional Education

  • Facebook Support Group

  • Mindful Eating Guide

  • Guide to Eating Out

  • Access to my Meal Prep Playlist via Spotify

  • Unlimited Email Support 

What is included in the 6-week Nutrition Challenge?

“I weighed and measured myself earlier this week and am down 8 pounds and have dropped 1.25 inches off of my waist since the program started. I'm also feeling more energetic during the week, and am surprised to be satisfied with the food choices.”

Erin J. 


You are a busy individual and want to learn the ins and outs of meal prep so you can make healthy eating simple and sustainable. 

Want to save time by having meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes already crafted for you.

You need some structure and guidance when it comes to healthy eating without the pressure to lose weight. This is not a weight loss program, but rather a sustainable way of living.

You get stuck when trying to come with new ideas for meal prep, but don’t want to take chances on random Pinterest recipes.

You know eating your own cooking more consistently will help you feel more energetic, but find meal prep too overwhelming to do on your own.

You want a proven system that you can use to reach various goals like saving money, time and creating sustainable habits.

Take the next step in your journey




you want to be running to the grocery store to stock up on all the celery for daily green juices or smoothies. I don’t believe in fads or crazes. This is sustainable nutrition.

you have food intolerances or allergies as I cannot customize the program. All recipes are gluten and dairy free and contain no refined sugar.

you are looking to count macronutrients and weigh and measure. I believe those things serve a purpose but not during this journey. This is sustainable nutrition.

And my favorite review of all

"I can say that this Journey has absolutely helped improve my mental health more than anything else. Of course, I've learned discipline when it comes to food- but more importantly for me, I've learned how crucial it is to fuel my body properly in order to help keep my mental health stable.


This Journey has done more good for my mental health than any medicine or therapist has ever done. I plan to lower my antidepressant dose soon since I am finally in a safe state to do so - thanks to the Journey. If I hadn't started the Journey, I would definitely not be in a position to be lowering dose. This is huge for me. I actually want to cry every time I reflect on what this Journey has done for me mentally (in just a short 3 weeks! It's unbelievable) lol. I thank God every single day for this Journey and for your leadership & knowledge that you've shared.”

Mel C.

Sign up now to join my next 6 week Nutrition Journey!

Don’t miss out on the early bird special for only $149 until Saturday, March 7th



Signup deadline is Sunday, March 15th .

The journey begins on Monday, March 16th.


Q: Are there vegan and vegetarian recipes available?

A: YES! There is a vegan option available! 


Q: Are calories and macros included in the recipes?

A: yes and no. Some of the recipes will include macro breakdown but not all of these meal plans include nutritional info because that goes against our intuitive eating philosophy. Simple, sustainable & balanced is our goal.

Q: What meals are included each week?

A: Every week there will be a new Breakfast, 3 Main Entrees & a Snack recipe. Remember we are bulk cooking for the week so that you won’t have to worry or stress about what to prep as everything is prepped for the week ahead. You can always move meals around or switch things up within the “FIT 4” guidelines. Ideally Sunday will be your prep day but you can alter that based on your schedule as well.


Q: How are payments processed?

A: This is just a one time payment. One and done.

Q: I’m cooking for my partner and myself. Will these plans work for two?

A: Yup! You can adjust the portion size and the ingredient amounts yourself to make that work.

Q: I’m cooking for my family and myself. Will these plans work for a family?

A: Yup! These recipes are perfect for busy individuals. Many families use the plans and adapt the recipes for kids depending on their tastes.

Q: I don’t have a stove/oven, can I still use these plans?

A: I don’t think the plans would be easy to use without a full kitchen so they probably are not for you!

Q: I don’t live in Boston. Can I still use these meal plans?

A: Yes! We have many members from all over the country. Since ingredients and prices of groceries vary across the country, some recipes may need alterations/substitutions based on what’s available.

What are you waiting for?

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